Allison and Trevor ~ Boulder Wedding Photos

Allison and Trevor were married on June 15th at the Grace Lutheran Church in Boulder. Following a beautiful ceremony, guests were invited to celebrate the new couple at A Spice Of Life on the Flatirons Golf Course. Some early cloud cover kept temperatures down and made for a comfortable, eventually sunny and beautiful day. Check out some photos of this awesome wedding day…

A bride puts on her earrings in a mirror

A wedding ceremony overview in Boulder's Grace Lutheran Church

A bride tears up during her wedding ceremony

Wedding guests mingle outside Grace Lutheran Church in Boulder

Classic portrait of the bride and groom

A portrait of the bride and groom in the field at Chautauqua Park in Boulder

Wedding party walks through the field at Chautauqua Park in Boulder

Beautiful wedding cakes topped with fresh berries

Groom dips bride during their first dance

Bride and groom raise glasses after the best man toast

The kids sign the guest book

Kids dancing at A Spice Of Life reception hall

Young girl is cheered for catching the bouquet

Line dancing to the Electric Slide

Bride and groom dancing at wedding reception

Late evening light photo of A Spice Of Life reception hall

Guests use sparklers to usher out the bride and groom

Bride and groom get ready to leave in decorated car

Katie and John ~ A Wedding in Madison

If you’ve ever flipped through a book of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, chances are you’ve seen pictures of his First Unitarian Meeting House in Shorewood Hills, WI, a suburb of Madison. Not only were Katie and John married in this beautiful church, but John’s grandfather, Max Gaebler, was a minister of the church, where Wright also attended as a member. Now 91, Max Gaebler serves as minister emeritus and the family was honored to have him in attendance. We enjoyed an absolutely beautiful day on Saturday, June 2nd, first at the historic church, and then at Quivey’s Grove for the reception.

First Unitarian Meeting House

Frank Lloyd Wright’s First Unitarian Meeting House

Groom learning to tie a bow tie

We learned how to tie bow ties that day… for about 45 minutes :)

Max Gaebler

Max Gaebler in the First Unitarian Meeting House

Bride walking down isle with parents

Wedding ceremony in Frank Lloyd Wright's First Unitarian Meeting House

Bride and groom walk down isle together as husband and wife

Guests mingle in the Gaebler Living Room

Max Gaebler and grand-daughter sitting on a bench

Portrait of bride and groom

Wedding cake topped with flowers

Bridal party laughs at best man toast

Guests laugh at best man toast

Bride and groom kiss under a tree

Groom spins bride in first dance

Wedding tent at dusk

Groom dips bride

Groom dancing with mother

Wedding tent at Quivey's Grove with full moon

Brendan, Allison, and William ~ Family Pictures

Last April 17th was a special one for Brendan and Allison. On that day, their son William was brought into this world, and it happened to be on Allison’s birthday. One year later, April 17th, 2012, and the little guy is just as adorable as you could imagine. I was lucky enough to share a little bit of this special day with them and capture some beautiful images of the family on William’s first birthday. They grow so fast at this age, these photos will be precious memories to them in no time. Here are a few shots of the family just having fun together.

Family sitting in front yard garden

Cute boy plays on skateboard

Boy follows dad down sidewalk

Dad tosses smiling son in the air

Cute kid smells flower with funny face

This is William’s impression of how to smell a flower – adorable!

Portrait of a cute little boy

Cute boy in a cowboy hat plays with a toy

Jeans and shoes of Mom, Dad and boy

Fun family picture playing with son

Hopefully the first of many annual birthday photo sessions with this awesome family!

Playing With Lights

I have a spare room in my house, a converted garage, that I wanted to use as a little studio, but with the white walls and the small size of the room, it was really difficult to control light. So I did what any photographer would do, I painted the room black. Now I have a nice (albeit small) studio space without the problem of unwanted fill light coming from, well, everywhere. I asked a friend to model for me so I could start playing around with different lighting setups. Here are a few shots from the session.

Low key lighting of girl with sad face

Low key lighting of girl with seductive pose

Girl poses artistically with blown-out white background

These were taken by placing a white shoot-through umbrella behind the subject as the only light source.

Girl poses artistically with blown-out white background

Rim-lit face of beautiful girl

Low key photo of sexy girl posing

Thanks to Lauren for hanging in there while I played around trying to make things work!

Lindsay and Ryan ~ Engagement Photos

Lindsay and Ryan are very good friends of mine. I met Ryan in the physics program at CU (before I went to the light side ;) ) and we have been close friends ever since. Ryan has now earned his PhD and will be moving to the DC area for a post doctorate position, where he will also be married to Lindsay. But before they go, they wanted some engagement photos in Colorado, and I had the privilege of being the one to take them. We got out to Chautauqua Park and Lost Gulch Lookout on a beautiful March day in Boulder and enjoyed a magnificent sunset together. Check out a handful of the shots from the day.

Boulder couple standing in front of the flatirons backlit by the sun

Engaged couple hiking in Chautauqua Park

Outdoor portrait of an engaged couple

Couple walking down dirt path at sunset

Silhouette of a couple kissing at sunset

A couple enjoys a sunset in the beautiful scenery of Lost Gulch Lookout

A couple enjoys a Colorado sunset together at Lost Gulch Lookout

A couple sits on a rock at Lost Gulch Lookout at sunset

A couple takes in the view from a rock at Lost Gulch Lookout

A couple embraces under a tree at sunset

A couples engagement portrait

I’m so happy for the two of you, but I will miss you both when you go! It was a real pleasure to have spent such a beautiful day with some very good friends :)

Soloing The 2nd Flatiron

One of Boulder, Colorado’s most recognizable landmarks is the set of rock formations lining the city to the west called the Flatirons. These unmistakable rock faces are not only nice to look at, they’re also a lot of fun to climb. Being a climber in Boulder, I’m always getting out to do harder routes and push my limits, but sometimes I just want to go out and enjoy the day with some super easy but fun climbing with amazing views of this awesome city. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to climb the second Flatiron on a gorgeous day with a great group of friends. This is one way to escape the crowds of hikers on a mid-70s day in March in Boulder!

People hiking at Chautauqua Park with the Flatirons in background

The biggest peak in this shot is the first Flatiron, followed by the second and third to the left. We hiked right up to the base of the second, put on our climbing shoes, and started up…

Free soloing the second Flatiron

Group sitting on a ledge on the second Flatiron in Boulder, CO

There are several places along this cruiser line to stop and take in the view.

A man climbs the second Flatiron with Boulder in the background

People taking in the view of Boulder from the second Flatiron

A man jumps across a gap on the second Flatiron

If this route had a crux, this would be it for most people. The jump looks a lot scarier than it feels once you do it, but you have to work up the courage and just go for it!

Artistic composition of people climbing the second Flatiron

A group enjoying the view from the top of the second Flatiron in Boulder, CO

At the top, we stopped and had a beer or two before stepping off the rock and hiking back down the trail. This spot offers a breathtaking view of Boulder.

Panoramic photo of Boulder, CO from the second Flatiron showing all three Flatirons

This panoramic shot is actually 10 vertical photos put together. The size limit here isn’t doing this photo any favors, but to see it full size is awesome! At 100%, you can actually make out individual houses in the center of town. I love that you can see the first, second, and third Flatirons and all of Boulder in this one image.

A talus field on the hike from the Flatirons to Chautauqua Park

Even the hike down yields some great scenery. If you look close you can see a couple of hikers crossing the talus field down the trail. Back to Chautauqua and the cars, then home for some grillin’! Nice weather, welcome back to Boulder!

The Kunz Family ~ Lifestyle Photography

You may remember the Kunz family from an older post when Cy was 1 month old. Well, now he’s over a year older and his cuteness is off the charts! I headed back up 4-mile Canyon to the Kunz’s beautiful mountain home for some lifestyle portraits of the family. We just hung out and had some fun with the cutest little guy around!

Son gives a shy look in his father's arms

Mother holding her happy, smiling son

Cute boy models his diaper like he's on a runway

I have the sudden urge to purchase this blue diaper… and the socks… I think we have a runway model in the making!

Very cute kid with sippy cup wearing a fun hat

An adorable little boy reaches awkwardly into a cupboard

Cute boy smiles with his toy giraffe

A father plays guitar while his cute son helps

Cute boy pulls blinds down and licks them

Fun family photo

Can’t wait to photograph this family again!

James Peak Yurt Trip

James Peak is a beautiful 13,294 foot peak in the Front Range, about 12 miles south-west of Nederland. This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining a great group of people for a trip to the James Peak Yurt. The yurt sits just over 5 miles away from James Peak and rests at 10,618 ft upon the southwest slope of Colorado Mountain (10,870 ft). Four of us snowshoed up to the yurt at midnight, meeting others who had gone up earlier in the day. It was an exhausting and single-digit cold 2-hr hike, but it was a beautiful night and the tracks left by the others made it easy to find our way in the dark. Despite the biting cold, I had to take advantage of the clear starry night, not knowing if a storm might roll in the next night and spoil my chances of getting some star shots. I spent about 10-15 minutes taking photos, and that was all I could handle at 2:30 in the cold, cold morning.

James Peak yurt at night with brilliant stars

Closeup shot of a snowshoe trudging through the snow

After a good hardy sleep, we awoke to a beautiful sunny day, had a delicious bacony breakfast, and then a few of us headed out for some snowshoeing.

Man snowshoes in deep snow near James Peak

The snow was very deep in places and made for an exhausting hike to the top of Colorado Mountain, but the views were well worth it.

Snowshoeing to the peak of Colorado Mountain

Two hikers snowshoe down Colorado Mountain with James Peak in the background

Panoramic photo of James Peak from Colorado Mountain

This panoramic shot of James Peak was put together from 7 vertical photos, so it’s huge. The size limit here isn’t doing this photo any favors :(

Zoomed in on James Peak from Colorado Mountain

James Peak Yurt is bathed in late-afternoon sunlight

Back at the yurt, the sun is getting low and the group is now relaxing into some conversation, games, drinks, and the warmth of the wood-burning stove.

Group of people enjoying an evening in James Peak Yurt

Clothes drying around the wood-burning stove at James Peak Yurt

The sun sets behind James Peak as seen from the James Peak Yurt

Dinner was served by lantern light. We ate well.

People eat dinner by lantern light in the James Peak Yurt

Closeup detail of the mantle of a lantern

I just think the mantle of the lantern looks really cool up close.

People going about their business in the James Peak Yurt

After dinner, as things continued to wind down, I got back outside with my tripod and camera and got some more shots of the beautiful mountain night sky.

The light from the James Peak Yurt blends with the amazing star light

A view of the James Peak Yurt with the Milky Way visible

Night photo of James Peak Yurt with brilliant stars in view

Group shot at the James Peak Yurt

Group shot at the James Peak Yurt

This was an awesome group to spend the weekend with. We decided to get a group shot as we suited up to trek back out.

A couple snowshoes holding hands in a beautiful setting

A couple of us stopped along the way to check out an old cabin in a beautiful setting.

People snowshoe up a road near James Peak

A beautiful hike out and that wraps up an amazing weekend enjoying the fruits of the Colorado life. Hope you enjoyed the photos!