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Ultimate Frisbee In A Foot Of Snow

Hey there. First personal post in a long time! But this was worth it. Grass Roots Ultimate (GRU) in Boulder, CO has been putting on spring, summer, and fall leagues for a long time. But this year, they started a winter league. And enough people came out for it to have four teams. Having been out with a knee injury for more than a year, I wasn’t even aware that this league was happening, but I was invited to pickup with a team that was down a couple of players. And what an awesome game it was in a foot of snow. I knew I had to bring the camera for this rare occasion. Check it out…

Ultimate Frisbee sideline shoveled clear of snow

Players run around a snowy Ultimate Frisbee field in Boulder Colorado

Sequence of ultimate player catching disc in deep snow

Ultimate player lays out for the disc in deep snow

Ultimate Frisbee players jump for the disc

Ultimate Frisbee player shakes off the snow after a catch

A small dog runs and jumps in deep snow

This little guy was chasing snowballs his owner threw into the snow. He never seemed to get tired of chasing things he couldn’t find.

A snowman cheers for Ultimate Frisbee team

This little lady never let up, cheered for us the whole time!

Ultimate Frisbee players gather for a timeout

Ultimate Frisbee team poses for a picture with the Flatirons

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